After more than 35 years working in a multiplicity of businesses and geographies worldwide, Rafael Jaen Williamson founded RJW Consulting, a full-service boutique consultancy, specialized in Strategic Business Management, Reputation Management and Integrated Stakeholder Management. Our core areas of expertise span from proactive reputation and crisis management to systematic organizational development.

RJW is a unique organization that works closely with clients to assess and identify opportunities and challenges for meeting their business goals and to ensure their economic viability, sustained growth and long-term competitiveness. We are a malleable consulting firm that adapts to client’s needs to produce tailor-made sustainable solutions.

We help clients understand their performance gaps, their reputational risks and vulnerabilities, and work with them to come up with a system—processes, capabilities and tools—to maintain a proactive business management high-performance culture, to mitigate risks and to counter vulnerabilities. In our interventions we also work with clients to outline a sound methodology for establishing and nurturing positive relationships with the company’s key audiences.


Strategic Business Management

Through the use of proven strategic business management methodologies, RJW Consulting helps companies to ensure their economic viability, sustained growth and long-term competitiveness.

Organizational Design (OD), which seeks to instil a high performance organizational culture, in a holistic manner, focused on the technical and human aspects of improving processes, structures and business systems of the organization.

A well-conducted OD process should lead to a more efficient organizational design, significantly improved results-profitability, customer service, internal operations, cost control, and customer satisfaction-and a workforce who is empowered and committed to the business. In short, the goal is to achieve Operational Excellence by means of improving the organizational capabilities of the company. RJW Consulting helps companies to get there!

Our holistic and structured approach is generally executed in series of concatenated interventions, in the short, medium and long terms.

  1. Short Term: the goal is the elimination of performance deficiencies and distortions – the low hanging fruits . We diagnose the significant performance of the company and recommend technical and motivational improvements for the organization to be able to advance business objectives.
  2. Medium Term: we prepare the company for sustainable growth. We review, refine, and implement processes, systems and policies to equip and prepare the company for the future. The recommendations usually include modifications to the organizational structure.
  3. Long Term: we guide the company in the development of a culture of strategic vision. We provide the organization with the skills and tools for planning and executing long-term strategies to obtain greater added value.


Reputation Management

In RJW we believe that achieving and maintaining an ongoing process, shaped by the organization and its constituencies, as well as the business strategies and systematic approach to upkeep and enhance such reputation. Companies need a structured process for integrating Reputation Management into the business. To get to that state of maturity, it is imperative that Reputation Management, as well as Crisis Preparedness are considered strategic by the organization’s leadership and seen the fundamental parts of the company’s culture.

RJW offers a systematic approach to companies to understand their reputational risks through rigorous Reputation Risk Assessment . The assessment consists of a process of gap identification (risks and vulnerabilities), following with a gap-closing plan. Such plan entails a series of proactive measures to mitigate identified potential situations that could negatively impact the bottom line of the business.

At the end of our interventions the clients are provided with a comprehensive system of tools and processes and the necessary capability to be able to sustain the proactive reputation management process.


Integrated Stakeholder Management

In RJW we believe that there is a need to engage with external audiences to advance business objectives. It is for negotiating, or for resolving conflicts, to foster understanding, to nurture relationship and trust, or for a variety of other purposes. Engagements need to be purposely driven by business objectives.

Our view is that formal organizations require a strategic approach to stakeholder engagement in order to build positive and mutually beneficial business relationships. The strategy needs to be incorporated into the business cycle; if not, it might collapse. At the end of the day, you are pursuing business results, nothing short of that. However, few organizations deal with stakeholder engagement in a systematic manner. Fewer elevate it at strategic level.

RJW helps organizations create an effective platform for management relationship with key stakeholders and stakeekers. We work with client companies in the developing and implementing of a robust integrated stakeholder management system. Clients are provided with the necessary fit-for-purpose and tailor-made processes and tools . We also help develop the necessary organizational capability to manage an evergreen stakeholder management system.


Organizational Climate

  • Survey
  • Gaps closure plan

Business Management

  • Concepts Manual
  • Manual of Procedures
  • Policies Manual
  • Training / Workshops

People Management

  • Performance management / appraisal tools
  • Career development planning and tools
  • Training / workshops

Reputation Risk Assessment

  • Gaps (risks and vulnerabilities) identification
  • Gaps closing (risk mitigation) planning

Crisis Management (CM)

  • Situation assessment
  • Action planning and execution

Crisis Preparedness

  • CM training
  • CM manuals and protocols

Reputation Recovery

  • Support to post-crisis
  • Adjustment / editing of CM manuals

Change Management

  • Planning
  • Implementation and Support
  • Periodic audits to evaluate progress

Measurement System

  • KPIs
  • Scoreboards
  • Trainings/workshops

Coaching for leaders / managers

Stakeholder Management

  • Mapping
  • Profiling
  • Engagement planning
  • Support to engagement execution
  • Training

Issues management & Advocacy

  • Issues identification and prioritization
  • Crafting of Position Paper
  • Advocacy planning
  • Training

Messaging and organizational positioning

  • Crafting of strategic narrative
  • Training